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SolarWinds ITSM Web App

Product design ownership of features and flows
Here is a glimpse of my daily work on features 

For Example: User Impersonation Feature

Web App 23.jpg
Web App 22.jpg
Web App 23.jpg

My Role

Product designer of the
web app features

As a Product Designer at SolarWinds, I held complete ownership over the features and tickets for both the web and mobile apps.

My role encompassed the entire design process of the user impersonation features, from ideation and brainstorming to user research, user experience (UX), user journey mapping (UJM), user interface (UI) design, and prototyping. I took on full responsibility for ensuring that the feature met the high standards set by SolarWinds, delivering a top-notch user experience to our customers.

The Challenge

How can we make users aware that they are viewing data from the perspective of another user while in impersonation mode?

Challenges of user impersonation feature
• How we solve the problem of knowledge users that other users impersonate him
• How might we let the user know that he is in the impersonate mode without missing it?
• How we keep the user impersonation at high-level privacy protocol.
• How might we forbid cases of double impersonation

Despite the challenges posed by the impersonation feature, I was able to overcome them through the use of good UX design and thorough user research.


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