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How I Work

The Process for a product or any new features without true praise of UX will not succeed in the market that
exists today.

Keep reading and learn what is my UX
methodology that makes all the difference.

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The Purpose

Define the purpose
Example: Working on an application for personal and family budget management. The app will be effective for every man and woman, together or separately, to manage a home budget. 

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Affinity Mapping 
and Vision

What is the place where we would like to see the product in two years? In 6 months? What are the things that can put you off when you reach your goal? What are the things that can go wrong? What are the challenges that can frustrate us? (we use how might we method)

We don't go into solutions.


Build the Personas Document

We need to find our persona by ask survey or based on analytical data and then we
Begin to create it by adding a picture, quotes, dry details, habits, concerns, technologies.
The main thing is to understand the situation of our persona that makes her consume our product. 

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User Journey Map

A user journey map (also known as a customer journey map) is a diagram that visually illustrates the user flow through your site or app.  we will do the wanted UJM and the current UJM.


UI/UX Research

Collect and explore inspirations and ideas based on direct competitors, ecosystem, design trends and huge apps in the market for features that will be in our product.

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User Flow, Wireframe and Sketchs

We will create the screens we want to design on and after that we will sketch the flow and then if needed we will do the wireframe of the screens.


UI Design

I will design the user interface (UI)
Based on our reasearch. 



Prototype and 
User Testing

I will create a prototype that demonstrates how the product will function also we will test it with users so we can get feedback about the product and make it better

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