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Derivative Logic

Lead UI/UX Finance Dashboard 

Derivative Logic app@2x-min.png

My Role

UI/UX Design for 

the dashboard app

The client first approached me on the web, saying he has a great idea for an app. After he explained a little, he then told me that he had his own branding, and now he needs a design for his dashboard app.
This was a fun project. I had to do both the UX and UI design for the entire app. Since the client was just starting out and had no experience in building and/or designing an app, I had to walk him through the entire process.

The Challenge

How do you make a finance app for old customers but still modern?

So here's a quick summary
The project is an app, that will onboard commercial real estate documents.

In particular, the app will focus on the specific terms
of loan agreements, mortgage notes and the
derivative agreements that control risk.

So what was the challenge?

We decided we were going for a design that is both modern and fits itself for old customers.

Along the road was a lot of changes in the UI design because the client wanted to make the design older and compatible with adults. At the end, I believe
that the app came out great.

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