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AgroScout Web App

Product design ownership of features and flows
Here is a glimpse of my daily work on features 

For Example: Languages ​​& Units & Notifications feature

Web App 22.jpg
Web App 22.jpg
Web App 22.jpg

My Role

Product designer of the
web app features

As part of my job as an employee of the startup AgroScout as a Product Designer, I had the ownership of the features and tickets for the web app and mobile app.

My responsibilities for any feature in AgroScout was the entire design process of a product, including brainstorming, UX, user testing and UI. 

The Challenge

How do you make a simple easy-to-use languages swap & units and notifciations settings?

So here's a quick summary about the feature
• Make a redesign to the user's personal area
• Create an option to change language and units through the personal area, but also think of a way to do it faster.
• Create settings that allow you to control the application's notifications.
The goal was to design the fastest and best experience
change the languages and units & notifications settings. 

So what was the challenge?
The challenge was to design all the languages for all the screens in web app, some components needed to be adjust based on the text (for example Buttons).

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