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AgroScout Design system

Ownership and building the Design System 

design system 1.jpg

My Role

Product designer with 
Design System Ownership

As part of my job as an employee of the startup AgroScout as a Product Designer, I had the ownership of the design system and the responsibility for building the design system for AgroScout from static style guide.

This was an amazing part of my role, I love creating design systems from making auto-layout components to variants and more!

The Challenge

How do you make a Design system that everyone can use it easily

The design system includes the foundation of the brand and all the main components that are repeated in the product for example "CTA"
the goal was to make it easy to use, and understandable for the designers and the developers.

So what were the challenges?

- Keep the creative mind of the designers
Keep the system and its parts should be flexible enough to encourage variation, deviation, and creativity — whilst accepting that convention can (and will) be broken.
For new features, it's possible to detach components but the designers should understand what chain reaction (do it wise).

- Make it easy to use  
Make it easy to use for the designers and the developers.

- One source of truth
Understand the current components that the developers using and map them to stay aligned with the dev team, It's important to understand that the code is the closest relationship we have with our customers. The biggest threat to our success is when designed components fall out of parity with their coded counterparts.

- The biggest challenge 
Implement the design system into the dev team from Figma to the product with lived components and documented site (we used storybook).


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