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AgroScout Apps

Product design ownership of features and flows
Here is a glimpse of my daily work on features 

For Example: Sky App - Flight Mission Obstacles feature 

App AgroScout.jpg

My Role

Product designer of the
AgroScout's apps features

As part of my job as an employee of the startup AgroScout as a Product Designer, I had the ownership of the features and tickets for the Sky app and the EasyScout.

My responsibilities for any feature in AgroScout was the entire design process of a product, including brainstorming, UX, user testing and UI. 


The Challenge

How do you make a obstacles in the mission flight without causing to much information for the user

So here's a quick summary about the feature
• Add the option of adding obstacles in the planning flight stage.
• When adding obstacles add the option to choose between a Polygon or Circle.
• Add the user the option to choose between ground obstacle or pow
erline obstacle.
• The user will add the obstacle name, base height, celling height and if the obstacle is temporary or permanent.
• The user will have the options to delete and edit the obstacle..

The goal was to design the fastest and best experience
of adding an obstacles and edit & delete without losing the main goal of the app of planning drone flights. 

So what was the challenge?
The first challenge was to figure it out how to solve the obstacles feature without causing bad experience for the planing drone flights. 

The second challenge was that there was not enough information and apps that solved it in the past, so the research was very limited and reaching a solution was more complex than any other feature 

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